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Quitting Jobs

I quit my job this week.

I stormed straight into the CEO’s office and said, “I’m out!” I took the papers on my desk and flung them in the air and shouted, “Make it rain!” I grabbed the paintball gun that I’d taped under my desk for just this moment and peppered the room with neon pellets, aiming carefully at anybody who had wronged me: “Ari Gold, motherfuckers!”

Fine, it didn’t go down quite like that.

In truth, the whole thing lacked all drama whatsoever. I loved my team, believed in the company, and I’d planned my transition for a couple months to ensure everything would run smoothly without me (it didn’t take long… #humbling).

The Quest for Why

Why did I quit? I couldn’t answer why I was at work. I made a great living and got to work with some incredible people, but every morning I woke up wondering why I, specifically, needed to go to work that day. Once I realized I was bankrupt of purpose, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I started waking up early to journal. I read books about psychology, history, and business to understand how to live a good life and how to have a passionate relationship with work. I listened to interview after interview with people I admired to dissect what they did to turn their work into effervescent energy.

Pages in my journal filled quickly and before I knew it, I had the beginnings of a book that I’d written for myself: all the clues I’d followed in search of meaning. I resolved to write the book.

Work on Working Jobs began.

The Plan

I’m going to write, edit, publish, market, and sell this book over the next three months, and share every single detail of the process. Every Sunday, I’ll summarize what I’ve done that week. I’ll write it first thing in the morning, you’ll receive it before you go to bed.

The contents of the email will resemble this one, but with more links to things that I’ve completed that week.

Big picture, my goal for Working Jobs is ambitious. I’m writing and self-publishing the book, launching a complementary podcast series and video course, and building a website from scratch. I haven’t done any of these things before, so I’m going to learn them as I go.

This Week (where I explain what I did this last week)

  • Completed first draft of the manuscript
  • Hired professional editors for the book
  • Wireframed book website

Next Week (where I explain what I plan to do next week)

  • Start editing the manuscript
  • Record first episode of the podcast
  • Launch the website
  • Write first blog-post

Help (where I ask for your help)

This week, I need help in three ways. First, please share this project with people you think could benefit. I won’t have the power of a publishing giant’s marketing machine, so I need your help drumming up interest. Second, I’m looking for mission-driven people to interview on the podcast and feature in the book. Ideally they're attempting to reach world-class performance in something they're passionate about for the first time. Finally, I’m taking applications for office hours, where someone comes on the podcast to talk about a question or problem they have. Email me if you know someone who would be interested.

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This is Week 1 in the series I'm Writing a Book (each edition is published a couple weeks after it's written)

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