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Learning on the job, rejecting work life balance, and buying one-way plane tickets to Brazil with Michael Kapps (Working Jobs Radio Episode 2)

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Michael Kapps is our generation’s international man of mystery. An adventurer above all else, our friend followed his gut across all different types of continents starting companies, making art, and sometimes working as a ranch hand. I met Kapps while we were working together at McKinsey & Co and knew right away that he was up to something big so it didn’t come as any surprise when I heard he’d moved to Brazil to start a company. Less than two years later, his company, Tá na Hora has served thousands of patients, building the technology to bridge communication between patients and physicians.

In this episode, we talk about his decision to buy a one-way ticket to Brazil, rethink the concept of work-life balance, and explain how sometimes you can’t learn things until you do them.

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  • How poorly education or traditional jobs prepare you for entrepreneurship
  • The irreplaceable value of trying a bunch of things to see what sticks
  • Why competition is for suckers and how a challenging geography can be an advantage
  • Why making your work your life can be better than trying to balance work and life
  • How to learn through experience

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