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Learning to fish, the 10,000 Rule, and the Power of habits with Dayo Adesokan (Working Jobs Radio Episode 1)

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Dayo is an old friend from high school, who, like me, originally planned to pursue medical school only to drop it at some point during college (also like me!). After finishing his degree in Biomedical Engineering, Dayo went on to get an MBA, worked in finance briefly, and then realized he wanted to be a screenwriter. He moved to NYC, performed standup, and started writing comedy. About a year ago, he got into the CBS Writer’s Mentoring program, and moved to LA. 

You should read his spec scripts at and follow him on twitter @perdiemperdayo.


  • How meditation helps manage the ups and downs of the creative process
  • The allegory of the fisherman and the businessman
  • Discovering comedy as a calling
  • Why writing was “it” but performing stand-up was not
  • What makes him believe he can make a career doing what he loves
  • The importance of finding peers that can give you feedback on your work
  • How to balance a “day job” with a personal passion job
  • Letting go of future outcomes and focusing on the process
  • Why he has a tattoo of the number 10,000


  • Headspace 
  • Hannibal Buress
  • Einstein
  • Demetri Martin
  • Charles DuHigg’s The Power of Habit gr
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers gr
  • Jonathan Saffron Foer’s Eating Animals gr
  • Robert Greene's Mastery gr

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