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TownHall: anonymous board for companies

We built TownHall to help employees tell stories, ask questions, and share feedback with their leaders and coworkers. Backed by a leading investor. Available on web and mobile.

Web | iPhone | Android

Technologies: Python (Flask), Javascript (Angular), Objective-C, Java

VR/AR Weekly

VR/AR Weekly: the top discussions in VR/AR, delivered weekly

VR/AR Weekly helps people stay on top of the chaotic discussions around virtual and augmented reality. It's generated weekly using software I'm developing that takes any collection of subreddits and produces an email newsletter.


Technologies: Python

Startup Idea Prompts

Startup Idea Prompts: generate prompts for startup ideas using YC RFS and A16Z 16 Things

When I was planning for my first startup, I wanted to practice coming up with lots of startup ideas, so I wrote this script that generates prompts.

Website | ProductHunt

Technologies: jQuery