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I’m a builder and investor in emerging technologies. My current interests are in crypto (non-fungible tokens and games especially), VR/AR, and machine intelligence.

Previously, I’ve built products at Decentraland, Google, AltspaceVR (acquired by Microsoft), TownHall (acquired by Roomi), ZEFR, and McKinsey & Company.

Speaking engagements

While I am happy to consider speaking or moderating at events, I prefer small and private events with a focused topic.


I am an active angel. I also advise and/or invest with a few hedge funds and venture capital firms.

If you’re a founder building something cool, please reach out on twitter.

Ethics statement

I aim to present independent perspectives on the crypto industry. I take this very seriously. I make a good faith effort to check those subconscious biases before publishing anything, but I will make mistakes. Please contact me directly if you feel like I have made one, and I will address it quickly and publicly.


@tonysheng on Twitter (DMs are open). I try to respond to everybody, but it may take some time.