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Learning to fish, the 10,000 Rule, and the Power of habits with Dayo Adesokan (Working Jobs Radio Episode 1)

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Dayo is an old friend from high school, who, like me, originally planned to pursue medical school only to drop it at some point during college (also like me!). After finishing his degree in Biomedical Engineering, Dayo went on to get an MBA, worked in finance briefly, and then realized he wanted to be a screenwriter. He moved to NYC, performed standup, and started writing comedy. About a year ago, he got into the CBS Writer’s Mentoring program, and moved to LA. 

You should read his spec scripts...

Introducing Working Jobs Radio: a podcast about people who love their jobs

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When I first started the Working Jobs project, I wanted to answer one question: “how do we do what we enjoy for a living?”

Before I’d considered the book or the podcast, I’d been asking myself that question over and over again in my personal journal. I’m not sure I ever explicitly stated the question, but I was constantly writing things like:

  • Why do people dislike what they do?
  • What keeps people...

How one semester of college inspires top students to ditch their dreams

Adapted from Working Jobs, available March 15, 2015. If you make it all the way to the bottom there’s a link to download the first 25 pages :)

It’s no surprise that the reality of work doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

We prepare for work for so long, sitting in classroom after classroom, that it’s only well into our adulthood that we start to actually do it. In the United States, we’re expected to finish at least a dozen years of schooling, a number that has steadily increased since the Industrial Age. Spending this much time in preparation for work...

Try this framework to get more done every day

I didn’t have enough time.

I’d offer myself this excuse every time I fell short of a goal or let a side-project die from neglect. It killed me a little every time that happened, but what choice did I have? I needed an excuse and this one beat I’m not capable.

When you keep hearing that you don’t have enough time, you start to believe it. I could barely get anything done at work so how could I possibly learn a new language or pick up a new skill? I wanted to start a company but if I couldn’t manage my own time...

Post-Manuscript Depression

I sent my editors a nearly complete first manuscript of Working Jobs on Monday morning and unceremoniously shifted my attention to the design, marketing, and selling of the book. After months of coaxing words onto the page, agonizing over structure, and battling my inner critic, I now had at least two weeks to focus on anything but the production of a manuscript. It felt weird.

Producing the manuscript was like training for a marathon or studying for a huge exam. It takes a lot of effort to make that initial commitment, but once the commitment is made, it’s just a daily grind. Wake...

What Happened to Man's Search for Meaning?

Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for. - Viktor E. Frankl

When man first walked the earth, we asked ourselves how we would find the day’s sustenance. Next, we wondered how we would protect ourselves from the dangerous world around us. And as soon as we felt full and safe, we started asking ourselves why we were placed on the earth.


Quitting Jobs

I quit my job this week.

I stormed straight into the CEO’s office and said, “I’m out!” I took the papers on my desk and flung them in the air and shouted, “Make it rain!” I grabbed the paintball gun that I’d taped under my desk for just this moment and peppered the room with neon pellets, aiming carefully at anybody who had wronged me: “Ari Gold, motherfuckers!”

Fine, it didn’t go down...