Tony Sheng

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I analyze the important topics in crypto with a focus on protocol design, token economics, and dapp development. I've written dozens of essays that have been featured and quoted in Token Economy, Token Daily, and more. I draw from my experiences leading product at Decentraland and investing in early-stage projects and share my learnings through my blog and newsletter.

Tony's blog is one of the best hidden gems in crypto. The content is regularly some of the most insightful out there. I read every post with a fine toothed comb.

- Kyle Samani, Cofounder and Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital

Tony is one of the most insightful and independent writers in the space. His newsletter consistently provides original perspectives on crypto/blockchain fundamentals that inspire you to think more critically.

- Soona Amhaz, Cofounder and CEO, Token Daily

If you read one person’s writing in the space, make it Tony's. Tony breaks down complicated crypto concepts and economic theories in ways that educate both the beginner and expert alike.

- Erik Torenberg, Cofounder and Partner, Village Global

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